AMV : Analytical Method Validation is most important part of any Dossier or DMF and our observation is that this part is being neglected by manufacturers many times and this leads to delaye in registration of Pharmaceutical products.

CPPL suggests while compilation of DMF,CTD,ACTD,KDMF,USDMF.eCTD,EUDMF,USDMF and other format format of dossier manufacturers must concentrate on AMV (Analytical Method Validation Part ).We suggests appropriate way to go through the same and also provides services to perform analytical development and analytical method validation.

There is always confusion in minds of technocrats about need of AMV in dossier,many myths are there, but our technocrats in CPPL advises you about the technical input of AMV and saves your efforts as well as money.

Be carefull about technical perfection of AMV there are many so called consultants who are giving you AMV in very low cost but they themselves do not know anything about Analytical Method validation,raise the queation mark on the same and be carefull while dealing with such consultants.

    Why to Choose CPPL as your Regulatory and Dossier Partner
  • Knowledge of Pharmaceutical Technologies
  • Knowledge about formulation and analytical techniques
  • Minimises time of registration with it's Perfect dossier service
  • Complete Support for Generating documents like PV,AMV,Stability
  • Comparativelly very Low Cost (Do not compaire with computor operators who provide Dossiers free of cost)
  • Honest servives ,we says yes if it is possible and no if having any difficulties
  • To serve Pharmaceutical Industry with best quality services and to bring a Quality culture in Documentation and regulatory services
  • Note : CPPL The best regulatory service providers of India do not compete with any other service providers because we know we are best